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Asking $7,999. Bike located in Southlake Texas, between Fort Worth and Dallas.

Bike is on Ebay:
Ducati : Superbike Ducati : Superbike | eBay

For you consideration my 2004 999 "S" with 8409 miles. I bought this bike new from Eurosport Cycle in Fort Worth TX, where the bike has been maintained. As opposed to many Ducati's that are for sale that have only been stored in a heated living room and never ridden in the rain or with the ambient temperature below 65 degrees, this bike was actually ridden outdoors. It has been ridden locally, has done several short tours, and has been ridden on the race track during track days. I am a former racer and occasional track day instructor and the 999 was the backup for my track bike, a superbike spec SV650. I primarily used it with the slower groups I instructed as it's more comfortable than the SV. That being said, I turn 59 years old this summer. I pushed the SV some, I cruised on the 999.

The Negatives:
The bike has been down once, on Mt. Magazine in Arkansas, when I encountered a line of gravel across the road going into a left-hander, going down at about 20 mph on the right side. There are very light scratches on the fairing as a result, too light to show up well in photos. The bike also fell over once in the garage which knocked a small semi-circle out of the upper right fairing. My trailer also rubbed the paint off a small portion of the lowest part on the front of the fairing. I used to touch it up but every time I put it on the trailer it happened all over again so I've let it be. The display under the speedo cracked, don't know how. I put a piece of thick clear vinyl over it to prevent water getting in. The rest is normal wear and tear for a bike that's actually ridden. The front tire has 50% tread left, the rear 90% but also has a plug in it. On a scale of 1 to 10 the 999 is 7.5-8.0.

The Positives:
Full 54mm Termignoni exhaust with matching performance ECU and air filters
Re-sprung for 200lb rider
Carbon countershaft cover
Carbon key guard
Carbon hugger
Carbon exhaust heat shield
Chase Harper "mini" saddle bags
New 520 chain and gears with 15x38 gearing at 6,513 miles
Vented metal clutch cover
1 year old battery
Less than 100 miles on new EBC "HH" front brake pads
Double Bubble windscreen
Factory Ducati 999 bike cover
Valves adjusted at 6,000 miles.

I will help with shipping. I will not build a crate.

The bike has been kept in the garage, but I only turned on the heat when I was working out there. The garage is located between Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas, bike can be seen there. You can call me at 817-371-7782. The race stand DOES NOT go with the bike, I need it for my other Ducati's.

I also have a Ducati 996 "S"with 27,000 miles, which I'll never sell, and a Ducati Multistrada (first gen), and put 29,000 on a Ducati ST2. I know how to care for Ducati's. Picked up the Multi last year for a trip to Alaska with the intention of selling the 999 this spring to make room in the garage. So here we are ................
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