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FS: 2000 Ducati 748s!!!

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Up for sale is a yellow 2000 Ducati 748s Biposto with 8,999 miles. Besides from a whole lot of carbon fiber, this bike is stock and runs like new. I am the second owner of this bike and kept on top of it. I put 3,000 miles on it and change the oil twice as well as adjusted and lubed the chain every 500 miles. This bike has only seen sunny days from May through mid September. As you can see from the picture below, this bike had tipped over in the original owners garage and scraped the fairing. That scrape seen could not be noticed whatsoever from only 2 feet away. I also laid it down gently on the other side making a 3 point turn at the top of my driveway attempting to back it into my garage. The weight shifted too much for me to handle so I jumped off and laid it down gently. Because of this incident, there is a little ripple in the paint. This ripple is so minor that I couldn't even get it to come up in a picture to post it. All and all this bike is in amazing condition but I feel the need to go over both these imperfections because I am an honest seller. None of this should be of any concern and from 2 feet away, this bike looks brand new. The clutch cover seen in the picture will not be included because it is going on my 996s. A stock clutch cover will be replacing it. I also have a Fast By Ferracci Forza full system carbon fiber exhaust that could be purchased for an additional $550. I would prefer a local pick up but I would be willing to assist the buyer in making shipping arrangements at his expense. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
$8,000 OBO

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How far out on the island are you?
Re: (rmani)

I am 10 minutes into the island. I am right next to Nassau Coliseum. You can email me at [email protected].
Re: (todapower)

Are you selling the exhaust seperately or with the bike only? I'm in Nassau as well.
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