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FS: 2000 748

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Have a track 2000 748 in wonderful condition. It was torn down over the winter, serviced, and put back together around 20days ago. This is a track bike, for it has no title. It is out of NY if you care to run the VIN #. It's now located in GA.
Reason for sale is that i'm tired to be stop by the police whenever i do take it on the streets, and since it's not registered that's a high price ticket. Want to let go for $4500obo
Has GP shift, but have the other linkage if you want it.
Email for pics.
[email protected]

call- 404-723-1826

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Re: FS: 2000 748 (lshotta)

Forgot to metnion thatis has full ARROWS exhaust also, and race body work.
how much you want for the exhust only?
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