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I'm selling my 748 so that I can go back to my roots; 2 valver! My 748 has a 2000 engine it it w/ approx 7000 miles. The odometer reads 13114. The title is clean and clear. Here's what the bike has (I'll quote from the gentleman I bought the bike from):
Aluminum rear subframe
SPS brake master cylinder
Galpher braided brake lines up front
Ohlins rear shock
Lightened rear rotor
Sportsbike air filters
Arrow slip-ons w/ chip
Nichols aluminum flywheel
Nichols clutch basket and Barnett Clutch
Nichols motor mount bolts
Nichols foot pegs.

That's the way the bike came to me, I added a vented clutch cover w/ Duc logo cut out. I also had the wheels powdercoated black. The starter was recently re-built at Nichols Sportbike Service in San Jose. I've replaced the battery as well as the regulator. It has a CRG bar-end mirror on the left side. I recently replaced the front brake pads w/ Galpher greens. The license plate is relocated between the pipes (I think I still have the original mount, I'll have to look).

The inside of the tail section is signed by Paoli Casoli, Anthony Gobert, and Doug Polen. I haven't ridden the bike too much. I've taken it to 2 track days and ridden it around town. It's never been crashed - hell, I don't even get my knee down at the track!

Flaws: There are various chips along the leading edges of the front fairings and upper. The headlihgt is chipped, but not broken and still functions fine. There are a couple of scratches on the tail section where it looks like someone didn't clear it w/ their boot. There are also a couple of scratches in the tank.

Some may recognize this bike (Buckelew should) as I bought it from Jon Nichols. The bike is now located in Orange County, CA. I can assist w/ transport in the Southern California area.

I'm asking $7500.


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Re: FS: 1997 Ducati 748 mono w/ 2000 748 engine (43Duc748)

still for sale?, possible trade involved? I have a 2k 900ss red, just early morning thinking, but let me know.

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Re: FS: 1997 Ducati 748 mono w/ 2000 748 engine (Redisfaster)

Thanks for the thought, but if I go back to a 2 valver it would be the previous generation 900SS like my last one:

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