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hey guys, so its come time for me to start thinking about a new truck as my current car is getting a little fragile. so that being the case i figured it would be a smart idea to sell one of my bikes and use the money towards the truck for a down payment.

the bike is a 1977 flh, frame matches motor, original trans. The motor was rebuilt in 2007 by Dick Martin Custom cycles in myrtle beach south carolina, i have all the paper work (the work order) to show what was actually done. the bike has an aftermarket left case and aftermarket inner primary, not sure why or when they were put on but they are both pretty beefy, the right side case number matches the frame. bike has an S&S super E on it and an S&S oil pump. pingel petcock. the swingarm is from a earlier model panhead and its running a drum out back and a disk up front. frame is all originial. tanks look brand new inside, paint job could use some touch up but looks great in person. has brand new battery, regulator and ignition. motor runs very strong. will need a new front tire soon. also has a brand new ignition switch. .

Bike has about 11k on the odometer since the rebuild

looking to get 7,000 for it.

bike is located in annandale va, about 6 miles outside of washington dc.


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