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FS: '03 1000DS stock parts

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I converted my 2003 1000 DS to a race bike this winter and have a bunch of stock parts cluttering up my basement. As an added incentive to sell, I'm moving in about 4 weeks and do NOT want to move them. I'll try to guess at a fair price, but I'm open to offers. Buyer pays shipping costs, which aren't part of the price.

The parts are all in good shape, the bike had 5,000 miles on it when I converted it over. All parts are stock.

sprockets, front and rear - $10 each
chain - $15
front springs - $10
rear spring - $20
chain guard - $5
clip ons - $10 per side
rear sets & pegs - $20 per side
exhaust (1 side has very small dent/scratch) - $30 each side
passenger pegs & brackets - $20 per side
stock shift rod - $5
tail light - $10
rear turn signals - $10 set
Inner/upper fender & license plate holder - $15
front turn signals - $10 set
rear tray (under seat) - $5
kick stand switch - $5
head light - $25
tool pouch (no tools) - free
clutch cover - $10
left handler bar switch (w/choke cable) - $10
horn - $5
seat - $25
key switch/keys/instruments/transponder/ecu/gas cap (these all go together because they all need the same key) - $100

Please email me at [email protected].

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Re: FS: '03 1000DS stock parts (cakake)

please give me first refusal on the front and rear springs. i sent you an IM.
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Re: FS: '03 1000DS stock parts (quickdraw)

Added prices, and bump.
Re: FS: '03 1000DS stock parts (cakake)

i want headlight will im you
Re: FS: '03 1000DS stock parts (roadrunner2u)

i want the left handlebar switch, sent im. did you get it?
Re: FS: '03 1000DS stock parts (cdansan)

Sorry for the delay, I had a race this weekend and am just getting back to the computer.

IM'ed you back cdansan.

Sent an email to you roadrunner (your IM's are turned off).
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