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Front Signal Wire Help (searched)

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I only have a two wire setup in the front, so I eliminated the running light. Now as far as wiring up front, the solid green is the ground, and the solid blue or orange is the turn signal. The orange or blue with white stripe is used for running lamps.( from search)

Need some one to tell me for sure!!! What wires are for front signals:confused: Would rather be correct the first time!!! Which wires in front are running light, right and left and which ones are signal :confused:.
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right side:
orange=signal orange/white=runner Green=ground

left side:
light blue=signal light blue/white=runner green=ground
thanks just wanted to be sure
yw. I hadn't seen your earlier post or I'd have replied sooner. :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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