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Found this on the WERA Forum

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So I found this thread on the WERA forum last night and I thought I would drag it over here for a few well informed comments and thoughts. :wacky Some interesting info and a bunch of a-hole haters as well. But an interesting read either way. Enjoy...

Where does the RC51 get its name? - 13x Forums
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Hilarious . Real geniuses over there . My favourite is "Rarely Competitive" b/c , after all , the bike didn't win anything .:rolleyes: Even some who own the '51 don't appreciate it so in squidly fashion they'll crash or abuse it and in a few short years the bike will be quite rare .:clapper
Obviously the '51 hasn't been at the front in many years , but when even an owner calls it "Rarely Competitive" (whether tongue in cheek or not) , this can imply that the bike has NEVER been successful and means that he doesn't have historical perspective . The RC51's astonishing racing record speaks for itself . One could I suppose make the argument that the RC45 was rarely competitive , that is until Honda spent NASA's budget on it .;) Actually , every single works racer ever made has been stuffed with unobtanium ; it's just that the '51 won immediately . This past weekend I demo'd the Suzuki sport line , then a CBR1 , and finally the Ninja 10 , and after six hours of back-road blasting on these rockets ... meh ... I was bored ... missed the old girl .
^ Well put . The RC51 is a special bike , with a racing pedigree few others can match .
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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