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Re: found this for you duc guys (KING TUT 73)

WOW. I Am jumping on this!!!!!!! Thanks Mr TUT! Wish me luck! I hope he still has it as I have cash!

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Re: found this for you duc guys (superbike2001)

If you do get the bike, get it serviced immediately. Disregard the mileage. I see a bike with 4 year old belts and fluids. It's a good buy but get it serviced ASAP.

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Re: found this for you duc guys (Kevin996)

Yep, that's a great deal. That's what is happening to alot of 748's now that the prices of 749's are falling. 749S's with a few thousand miles can be found for $10k all day long.

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Re: found this for you duc guys (Kevin996)

YES I will. Not a mile before the full service!!

I am awaiting the owner's call as we speak. It's killing me!

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by KING TUT 73 »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">if you get it tell him i want a finders fee </TD></TR></TABLE>
If I get it I owe you a finders fee! Or a large cold
or 24! Your find will not go unrewarded!

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Re: found this for you duc guys (superbike2001)

If you do get it, it looks like it's located in NH, so you may be able to work in a service at BCM, unless you have your own favorite local mechanic.

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Re: found this for you duc guys (KING TUT 73)

I actually spoke to him yesterday and told him I have cash and would get him a deposit of $500.00 ASAP to hold it for about 10 days. Maybe sooner dependant on when we can meet up. I did "ask" him if he would meet me part way. He said sure, but needed to try and find a vehicle to either put the bike in or a car to tow his trailer. And I also offered a couple hundred bucks (maybe a little more) for his time and gas. I would not want him to drive more than 4 hours. It's about a 10hr drive for me to Manchester NH from Northern VA. . . . If that was a possibility? If not, I could just drive up the entire way, not this Friday but next (May 6th) and pick it up. That was mid day yesterday. I have called him back (7pm) and wanted to know the status of the deal and had to leave a msg for him to call me back. NOTHING!?!?!?
I would think that if he really wanted to sell the bike then he would at last call me back

If he has someone that’s going to pay more or someone he does not have to drive for they should let you know right?

Or am I just being a totally impatient!

There are a couple other Ducati's I am looking at .... A 97 916 with tones of goodies on it (20k miles, but well cared for)$ 7200.00 Well documented!

Also a 99 996 with 1500 miles on it.. A few goodies on it! (was on ebay for $8500) Never sold

I am going to drive up friday to look at those (much closer. With-in a few hrs) . If this guy does not call back today or tomorrow.

Modified by superbike2001 at 1:55 PM 4/27/2005

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Re: found this for you duc guys (superbike2001)

Update.. I spoke to the owner who did state he had another buyer that wanted to pay him the full asking price. Which I said fine and thanked him for calling me back. He said if it falls through then its mine, but I am leaning more towards this... 20k miles with full service history for $7k.... Going to look at it Friday if I can get the day off. What do ya all think? Good bad or otherwise.


Original owner had all service by Mike Duzick, MikMar Motors, Paxinos
PA.(northeast of Philadelphia).12k service performed at 11.5 k just before
my purchase
I performed the 18k service(at 17.3k mi.) I followed the the protocol per
the manual and all areas were addressed as follows:
-valves checked--3 shims needed to be changed(have worksheet with all
opener/closer clearances shims changed) All rockers in good cond. no
flaking(have pics i believe) cams pulled, lobes in good cond.
-new ducati kevlar timing belts
-new plugs(DR9EA)
-new fuel filter/newO rings base of pump and connectors
-oil/filter changed Mobil1 full synthetic( oil changed between every 1.5-2k
-Coolant changed
-flywheel nut retorqued
-cylinder heads retorqued
-engine mounting bolts retorqued
-airfilter cleaned
-replaced clutch drum. New barnett kevlar clutch installed
-front rotors replaced
I may include some of the tools to do the valves with the bike.
This past Jan./Feb. I checked the timing belts, changed oil/filter cleaned
filter screen as always, installed new oil cooler lines, cleaned air filter,
installes an anodized rear ride height adjuster/push rod.

2nd owner.....had the bike for about 3 years........have put about
9k mi. on it since purchase. Clear Title in hand.
-Forza CF slip-ons with chip(just repacked late last year)
-chain and sprockets about 4k ago
-CF Hugger, CF chin piece, CF front fender and CF clutch cover(neither
installed at this time)
-Kevlar brake/clutch lines
-Evo clutch slave
-billet crankcase breather
-Motobritalia bar risers with cycle cat brackets/hoses
-stainless steel hardware kit
-fan thermostat overide
-rear wheel nut socket(46mm)
-Madduc rear ride height adjuster push rod
-Mono and Biposto tails
-pass. pegs
-stock chin piece
-both tails included
-rear stand and dust cover
-Haynes service manual and LT Snyder manual. I've carefull documented all
the service I've performed. Saved receipts/packaging materials etc.
The bike is essentially in stock form(engine etc) save for the above
add-ons. Never been crashed. Previous owners wife tipped it over in the
garage(actually laid it over) trying to push it out of her
way.......otherwise no damage history.
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