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Fork Oil- Please not another useless thread!

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Before I get broiled............to those who modified your stock forks
and are using the 20 mm valve kit. When servicing the forks did you
use Ohlins fork oil or is there another good viable option and what
weight should I consider ? I am about 195 lbs and primarily ride spirited street with twisties. Please advise as I am unsure. After 9000 miles my forks feel like mush.
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Maybe it´d be more clever to tell us where your problem is regarding your forks.

Do you need softer damping?
I have used the 19cst Öhlins fork oil both in my Showa forks and my Motocross forks. Then I have used Morris 7,5 grade oil and will now use Wilbers 7,5.

I´d say use whatever is recommended for your forks and start worrying if you run out of damping adjustment.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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