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fork internals question....

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i have a 2000 rc and the fork is bent. as far as i can tell, the only part that is bent is the left lower. the shiny part is bent about 15 degrees. anyone have any suggestions other than fleabay? fixable? another brand? will the internals on a 929/954 work? if I get both of them. how about another front end all together from another make?

I'm just looking for another option than scouring ebay and only finding a $500 FORK TUBE. i PAID LESS THAN THAT FOR THE BIKE!

If i should just suck it up and pay and get a $500 replacement tell me that too! I can deal! Thanks for any advice.:wtf
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I think I know where to get a set locally :twocents
Nope mine are in the 2K range ;)


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You don't get it I'm cool alright but I can't even afford to race it now!:banghead

Hey, are you the guy on craigslist looking for rc parts ?
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