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FOR SALE: modified Monster slip-ons

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same pipes seen here:
http://www.ducatisuite.com/mufflers.html (towards bottom)

but finished now, now an inch and a half shorter than my current pipes, and a full 6 inches shorter than orignal (these were off a S4, but will fit all Monsters up to about 2002, maybe later). End was bandsawed, excess pipe taken out, exit cap torched for full sound exit, cap riveted back on. Will post pics- in torching out endcap, one spot on each muffler was scorched, it's a funky alloy and it bubbled up similar to aluminum. Amll spots-nothing very noticeable unless you're looking, rest of pipes look great. Again, will post pics soon.
Lots of work saved, and no mess to clean up either. Help a brother out.....

would like $50, if they don't sell I will entertain offers
shipping should be around $15 UPS
I accept PayPal

Please e-mail me:
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Re: FOR SALE: modified Monster slip-ons (Monster Man)

the minor blemishes- both practically non-visible when mounted

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