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I have converted my bike to a race bike and have no need for the street parts anymore. I have pictures of all the pieces. Here is a list of everything I can think of at the moment:

Red upper fairing w/ well nuts, exc. condition! $285 shipped
Both side fairings and tail section with brake light (right side has damage-good for track beater plastics) Left side good condition. Tail has some scratches and 1 bad rash spot
Stock air runners with turn signals
Carbon fiber left side panel, lightly scratched
carbon fiber license tag bracket with turn signals
stock red front fender very good condition
stock red v-chin piece
Spare upper fairings totally scratched up with broken tab (free..just pay shipping!)
Corbin seat in good condition $125 shipped
Left and right mirrors $75 shipped
Hotbodies Racing front fender brand new, unpainted

email [email protected] for pics I accept paypal. If there is no price beside the part, email me offers. Thanks!

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Last chance to make me an offer. Unsold parts will be going on ebay this week! Also part just aded: Stock clutch slave cylinder

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Carbon left fairing sold! THe rest of the items will probably be on ebay towards the end of the week. Let me know what you need---

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Re: For sale: Misc. 916 street parts (Lawdog78)

do you still have the carbon fiber license tag bracket? if so is it for a us plate and how much?

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Yes, I still have the carbon license bracket with the turn signals still attached. It is for a US plate. IT's in pretty decent shape but I think the bulb in the right signal may be blown, though it was working when I removed it from the bike. How about $30 shipped and it's yours?

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Parts still left:

Very good condition red nose fairing
Stock air runners w/ signals
Carbon fiber license bracket
stock fender and hotbodies fender
V-chin piece
Corbin seat
Brake light

TAking last offers before it goes on ebay!
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