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I am having an FI issue on the bike right now. I've used the search funtion but I need a bit more help.

the situation:

I was came out from a store 2 nights ago (bike was shut off for 10 minutes) and the FI light stayed on after start up. I turned the bike off and on and the light went away. 5 minutes later while riding down the street the bike started to "sputter" and rev iratically. it would just about stall out and then rev to 5000 all on its own. then the FI light came on and started flashing while riding. I pulled over and the bike eventually stalled.

After sitting for a minute I fired the bike up again and the FI light stayed on (no flashing). I rode home with no issue other than the light remaining on (which I know now stays on when the bike is in motion).

I woke up the next day and went to check the bike - no light present after start up (the initial checklight was normal and Fuel pump primed) I decided to take the bike out and about 15 minutes into the ride, the bike started revving erratically and then stalled. I restarted it on the side of the road (FI was flashing) and then with one "big sputter" the light came stayed on and the bike seemed to run fine. I rode home no issues.

I went to check my service manual as I wasn't 100% sure on how to read the codes only the copy i had saved on my laptop wasn't there.

I Just downloaded the manual again - reviewed the code check and went out to check on the bike and see if I could read the codes. When I started it, it ran fine with no light and no flashing codes. I haven't taken it for a ride yet but I'm pretty sure it will just act up again.

Any ideas? I will ride it to see if it does it and perhaps generate some codes but what coul dbe causing the intermittent issues with no codes flashing?

I don't have any mods other than yosh slip ons and a PC3.
I disconnected the PC3 and ran it - same issue.
I disconnected the battery, re-connected it - same issue
Checked the battery terminals - tight and secure
checked the wire harness - seems to be in good shape and connected properly.

Any ideas? I'm sure when it happens again I'll be able to grab the code but this is just perplexing me <---did I just say "perplexing"?

Any thoughts??

Thanks in advance.

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took it out again - rode fine (FI light off)for 5 minutes then acted up again. Pulled over, turned off, turned on and the FI light just flashed (the long flash) 25 time times before I put it in gear to ride home. once in gear the light obviously stayed solid. the bike rode fine all the way home.

is this just a matter of clearing the codes? Could stored codes cause this issue? I'm in the garage now trying to troubleshoot.
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