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Ok guys I saw pics of one of the guys bikes here on the site, and it had black calipers. I pm'ed him and he told me they were off of an F4i 600. Anybody else do this and what all is involved? direct replacement lots of mods, hassles??? He also had a black rear caliper from the same bike. Same questions, fit, hassles mods?? Just trying to get rid of all the gold on my bike, just don't like it!! I would rather have brembo stuff but being out of work sick doesn't pay to well, plus I have heard bad things abot he feel of the front brembos??? Thanks all HOOVY

I just did a quick search and came up with 99-06 seem to be the same.
The rear brake line mounts a little bit forward than the stock RC51 caliper but works just fine. I'm running a Scotts rear brembo under-hung kit so you can buy mine:D and all you will have to do is source a front set off of ebay, there is a dozen listings on there right now...
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