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Looks like there are 3 codes...

Code 9, 10 and 11

The service manual states that codes are stored lowest to highest number (sections 5-3 --->5-45):
light on for 1.3 sec = 10 Blinks

Your video looks like you have 9 blinks, 1 long, and 1 long, 1 short before it repeats.

9 Blinks=IAT sensor. Intermittent, shorted or open, Check connection
10 Blinks=BARO sensor. Intermittent, shorted or open. Check connection
11 Blinks=Vehicle speed sensor. Intermittent, shorted or open. Check connection.

Manual states that the bike should run normally near sea level for these faults. FI sensor will stay on over with stand up or above 5000 rpm.

IAT Sensor --->Air Box
BARO Sensor --->Intake Snorkel
Speed Sensor --->Aft of engine (aft camshaft?)

Did you have the tank off recently? Manipulate the wiring harness while servicing the bike?

I believe there is a link to a Service Manual somewhere on here. I have it, it's 113 MB; can't post. I purchased one combined with the parts catalog for $25 +s/h on eBay about a month ago and it have been invaluable.

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I lifted the tank. I'll check connections.
Lowsided the bike on the track. Right side..
Although put it back together rode and blew radiator due to fan on the left side was smooshed against the rad..

The sensor on the airbox seems unaffected. Thanks..
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