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I have a DP front fender with some small damage on the left side(2 cracks) for 916 etc.

and DP made by ATR half clutch cover great condition w/small scratches in clear coat.

Also have a Clutch Cover from Moto, Carbon reinforced with Kevlar that sell for $159 on moto, It has a small blem on the bottom not noticable when fairings mounted, its a full cover with the oval vents around the outside.

All are carbon fiber

Make me an offer if interested IM me or email @ [email protected]


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Re: (f4mille)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by f4mille »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">How much for the half cover?</TD></TR></TABLE>

Make me an offer!

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Re: (brettmess24)

Full Clutch cover Potentially sold

Front fender $55 shipped obo

Half Cover $40 shipped obo
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