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O god, stay calm MRGRN, It was a honest question.

BTW, what ever happened to those "dimpled" versions of the intake funnels that were floating around for a while?

calm:mad: i am fukking pissed:D J/P

i am not claiming they make or lose HP. i bought them used from i think massi. i believe they are italian made and i would assume the medium stacks yield good mid to high end. i ran them for a few years and still run that same length stack on the front and rear maybe damon can help on stack length.

If they did nothing and were even with OEM they are worth it for the looks alone in a open airbox:D

the dimples are a gimmick at best IMO HRC changed their CBR funnles from smooth to dimples back to smooth over a few years and i think it is just to keep things moving in the price range or every stack from now on would have them:twocents

Thorsten sells them in billet and they are crazy money. i had offered to have some made with dimples too but there is no demand kurt:(
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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