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SO I have a Question.
If you wreck with an Aluminum Clip on it will probably just bend and you could limp it home... right?
But if you wreck with a Carbon tube and it hits the pavement won't it just shatter?:eek:

Tensile strength isn't what you always want.
That is exactly what happens. Ive crashed my bike pretty hard racing. Bent a few bars. Two times I was unable to ride it back. Once was the complete destruction of my bike in a highside and the other the bar was bent into the fairing making it impossible to turn.

Carbon fiber looks nice its strong and its light but it scares me. It gets rubbed and flexed in the wrong way it shatters into a million pieces. Its also dangerous for the other riders as the shards from it are sharp and can puncture tires. On a good set of clipons the bar is designed to be the weak point. It will bend and dissipate energy which will help save other things on the bike such as fork tubes. A lot of stock stuff is too stiff and can actually bend the fork tube where it mounts in a crash.

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how many carbon tube crashes have you had to qualify your statements of them exploding and puncturing tires?

if carbon shatters into millions of pieces why do GP bikes use it over glass?

i will tell you. because it does not shatter into millions of pieces

I thought Ive been quite clear about my experiences. You do realize that I actually race and crash motorcycles right? You also realize that when others that race including the fast guys crash they come over to my garage and I fix their bikes. I have plenty of experience with carbon fiber crashing. Enough to the point where the one piece I allow on my bike is the exhaust tip which has done exactly what I described in one of my wrecks. It shattered and broke off in a ton of pieces. Luckily its a small piece.

GP bikes use carbon fiber over fiberglass because it is lighter and strong. That was never in question. Im certainly not going to install fiberglass bars on my bike. You do know why Casey Stoner crashed out of Qatar this season right? His fancy carbon fiber bar broke. There is an interview with him saying they need stronger bars. I dont think you fully realize the forces that are put into the handle bars of a bike. I brake so hard into corners that my bar creek. Very few GP bike crashes end up with the rider picking up the bike and riding it out after.

Can I assume that by your response you havent seen that happens when an F1 car crashes? Im not talking about full speed into walls thing here Im talking about just rubbing something wrong. There carbon fiber everything looks like it just ran over a bomb.

Here you go. This is just under braking conditions.

I wasnt trying to call you out in this thread. I was just giving an informed opinion. Since youre only a few miles from the race track why dont you come by this weekend. We are racing Saturday and Sunday. Weather is going to be awesome and there will be some great racing. You can actually see how few bikes run any carbon fiber up there. Its not because of price. Its because of crashability. It donest survive or repair like fiberglass.

i think carbon its self is fine as long as there some sort of testing of said product before its put on the market
thats why mrgrn would not have a shit show in hell of building anything ,and i mean anyting for a gp bike
also that why gp bikes dont run your cans
I also think carbon fiber is fine. It looks the tits. It just not good for high stress and impact points on bikes. Bodywork = ok. Handle bars= not ok. Fancy little covers = ok. rear sets = not ok.

Once again my intent wasnt to call anyone out here.

Once photobucket is back up we can make a deal. Its back.

Heres the deal. You build a carbon bar that can do this... ( for those that havent seen one of these they come straight)

Ill put it on my bike. This was from a 50mph low side in turn 11 at Loudon. Could have rode the bike out if the bar didnt get stuck in the fairing.
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