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F/S 2005 Shark RSR2 Supra Red Large and other stuff!!!

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Well, I am selling my 01 748s as you may know. Now, I am going to sell my gear. I might be getting a new bike I'm not sure yet since I am not really sure if I'll be working since they are cutting us down

It is a 2005 Shark RSR2 Supra Red in Large. I paid $585.00, MSRP $630.00, and I had to wait for 2 months to finally get it. I wore it 7 times.

I'm asking $490.00, which includes UPS ground shipping if anyone wants it before it hits ebay.

I'll post pics of it tomorrow.

Other stuff:
1 Gericke Warrior Leather jacket size 48 US $210.00
1 Teknic Lightning Leather gloves red/black (not 2005 model) $35.00 size Med like new
1 Alpinestar SPS black leather gloves $35 Med in great condition.

I will take pictures of everything tomorrow, and put them on here
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