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i have my project 2-1 custom undertail exhaust F/S:(

I have not tried it with a OEM tail plastic so i have no idea where it will come out with the muffler but a desmosedici type thing is possible.

I comes with a carbon round muffler near new with ti end caps and a carbon hanger and modded subframe. the pipe works on a 2002+ swingarm and comes ceramic coated and with header wrap.

This is not a bolt on and go set up you will have to fiddle with the particular set up you are looking for but the system bolts up no worries and i have a custom tail unit that can come with it for about $350 more painted silver.

moving on to another project on the 51 i i now have 3 custom exhausts for 1 bike:banghead so my loss is you gain

posted many pics here and i have some to send if you PM me your email

looking for $750 shipped for the header and muffler and subframe and if you want the tail too i will do $1000 for all

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hey mark,

got any pictures with this setup mounted on a bike? just so we can see what the tail looks like and how all the pipes mount up.


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pm'd you and emailed you
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