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Very clean, 8.5/10, red/silver paint in excellent shape, no dents, a few nicks here & there, light scratches on left fairing panel from parking lot tipover, never crashed in my years of ownership, no signs of previous incidents. 12,2xx miles, 36mm DelOrtos, Helibars, Cobra pipes. All original parts included plus original owners manual. Full 12k service by BCM (belts, valves, fork seals) and new Avon Azaros at 11,400 miles. As my 1st Duc, it was a great choice and is still a blast to ride the backroads. Done several 2-3 day rides. It's very smooth, good power and it handles...like a Duc. Could be your 1st Duc too or add an emerging classic to your collection. Depending on who you read there were 150-300 Sports imported so you won't see yourself on the road anytime soon. Gets more looks and comments than my SP. Tough to sell after 9 years but I need the $$ for other priorities. One pic here http://tinyurl.com/atw7s More photos available. $3900 603-785-0059

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