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Exhaust upgrades recommendations: '05 ST3

Not that I'll be making changes any time soon, but what are some recommendations for aftermarket slip ons, and is a "chip" or new ecu neccessary? I'm thinking of doing a dyno run after 3K to see my base line #'s and am looking to boost mid range, not top end. Any suggestions/recommendations/experiences to share? The sales rep stated he could get me some "Fillmore"(sp?) oval carbon fibre cans that don't need injection tweaking,(?) and sounded good for about 995.00 cdn, but no dyno charts available
. I've never heard of them, and am sure not going to buy based on reports on sound quality.



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Re: Exhaust upgrades recommendations: '05 ST3 (st ryder)

"sil motor"? trying to think phonetically what's similar to "fillmore" for those cans.
sil motor cans are pretty good bang for the buck aftermarket-wise. i believe arrow and staintune also make cans for the ST and am almost 100% certain that cans applicable to the ST2 and ST4 will fit the ST3 so keep your options open.

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Re: Exhaust upgrades recommendations: '05 ST3 (s4strati)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by s4strati »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote"> ST2 and ST4 will fit the ST3 so keep your options open.</TD></TR></TABLE>

It depends on what year they are. At some point the flanges changed. We ran into this ourselves.

Here are some exhaust options right here:


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@ S4strati

That's an intersting take on the phonetics. I'll have to double check. If he did mean "sil motor", do you know how they affect the power band and would I need to tweak the FI?

@ section8,

Thanks for that link. I've read/heard different things about the full kit using the ecu, ie takes away power(?), you really don't need to fatten it up as the on board does it(?), (I heard that from an acquaintance with a 916, DP carbon cans, and no "chip" ecu etc). The kit is fairly pricey to say the least. Have you done any dyno testing using the full kit, and if so, what could you comment on?

Thanks for the feedback. Newbie like me needs something to compare to stock, which I'm very happy with so far re power delivery and throttle response etc, but I'd like much more music.

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Okay, so I go the phonetics cleared up, (thanks s4starti) and the guy *did* mean sil motor, not Fillmore.

I'm interested in these pipes, oval cf's (slip ons actually right?) and have some questions for those running them:

1) I've read both, the fi needs tweaking and it doesn't. What's the preffered approach, and what is done if tweaked? The bike seems to run a little lean with stock set-up.

2) Will adding them void my warranty? Sales guy says no.

3) What happens to the power curves? I like the current delivery, and throtle response.

4) Should they come with removable baffles? (I like it a little loud and snarly)

5) What's a fair price? I'm being quoted 995.00 plus tax cdn.

6) Do they come clear coated or will I need to spray them?


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