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*HPI Savage .46 Truckzilla
I have lots of extras for the truck, all the eletronics work, the motor, supperchager, trans, shocks all have about 1/2 gal of fuel run time on them. I have not had it running in about a year. If it was in running order id be asking $700. It might need a piston and sleeve kit and a glow plug from sitting. Ill sell it for $500 the way it is. If you have looked in to some of the add ons I have on this truck you know that the .46 kit (.46cid not 4.6cc; the .46cid =7.5cc), supercharger, and trans will run well over $500.

What I have put in to the savage
Hot Bodies .46 Truckzilla kit
Hot Bodies Savage High Performance Aluminum Shocks
Hot Bodies Jump Start Kit with charger
RB Innovations Super-Charger
RB Innovations Ram Air Intake
RB Innovations Super-Charger Air Intake Header
HPI 3-speed trans
HPI dual disk brake
Truckzilla .46 Hot Bodies Cooling Head
Golden Horizons Alum Servo Saver
Alloy Fuel Tank
JR Racing xr3 FM radio
JR Racing z9000t steering servo
Locked Rear Diff.
All the stock parts work and are usable.

I have over $2,000 invested in this truck

*Tamiya Clodbuster

The Clodbuster is a stock kit with a Super Rooster reversible ESC and Futaba s3003 Over $400 new

*ESP Clodzilla

Clodzilla IV Racing Chassis includes:
Clodzilla Long Wheelbase Multi-link Kit
Heavy Duty Steering Rods With Rod Ends
Ball Bearing Canitlever Kit
Anti-Sway Bar Kit
Dual Servo Mounting Kit
Low Profile Aluminum Body Mounts
$200 new

I have never had any problems with either truck, always a lot of fun, and watching the savage pull the front tires off the ground went shifting in to 2nd gear was always cool!

If you have any questions, please ask.

I have many pics (but just not on the work computer) pm me your email and Ill send them to you.
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