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Fantastic win by Lolly over Rossi. Beat him fair and square...clearly the faster of the two by a mile.
The M1s totally dominated again, and miles ahead of 2nd place constructors and teams. Seems a shame to break up such a successful team, but on the other hand...great for next year, as we keep saying.

Pity about Ben's off and dislocated ankle. I was really hoping he could take 5th for the season from Dovi.

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Rossi post race question and answer commentary with GP One...

While Vale thought he was breaking away for a solitary win, Lorenzo was
merely gaining confidence with the tricky asphalt conditions, waiting to
unleash the Estoril pace that has seen him win the last three Portuguese
Grands Prix in a row. When the time came for the 99 to pass the 46 on the
brakes, "He squeezed me out a little bit - Rossi said - but that's racing and
that's ok." From that point on, there was little Rossi could do.

"Compared to last year - Rossi commented- where our race performance was
pretty disgusting, I am quite happy; both with how the whole weekend went
and with the way the race went. Now we know which direction to take for
Valencia, where we will try to do better."

Are you worried that Casey Stoner crashed again on the Ducati, since it will
be your bike next year?

"It's hard to say anything because I still haven't tried the bike yet. But
Stoner seems like an all or nothing rider to me. Even in Australia he was
pushing hard on the opening laps like he did today, but that time he opened
up a huge gap on us and it worked out well for him. In Japan it went well and
he won, but in Malaysia he crashed out like he did today. I don't know if the
bike has a particular problem or not. I know that the Yamaha's
were the best bikes today, even if Stoner crashed out and Pedrosa was not
at 100%. But I think we will have some work to do with the Ducati."

How does it feel knowing that this will be you last week as a Yamaha rider,
even if your contract runs through the end of 2010?

"Now a very important week is starting for me. First because I have struggled
at Valencia in the past, and I would like to be more competitive. Even more
competitive than I was here. Second because Tuesday and Wednesday will
be the tests where I finally get to ride the Ducati."

We all remember your "love letter" to the bike, will it be hard to start over with another?

"I've already moved on - Valentino joked - as at first I was mad about the end
of the relationship. You know how it is: you are upset so you send mean text
messages to one another. It was like that. Now we are friends and we are
Ok with it. We can go out for a drink and talk about stuff. And I have
already fallen for another girl, the Ducati, and so I won't be upset to leave
the Yamaha at Valencia."

Are you worried about leaving such a good bike in the hands of Lorenzo?

"Sure, but the Honda was also the best bike when I left in 2003. Now the
MotoGP bikes are very even. Over the last few races we have seen the
Yamaha struggle, and then the Yamaha doing very well. So the performance
levels of the different bikes are very close to one another. The Yamaha is
probably the most consistent from track to track though."

Do you think Lorenzo is the toughest rival you have faced mentally?

"Mentally I really don't know. You can't deny his speed and his ability to be
quick at almost all the tracks and in all conditions. He is very strong in that
regard. He also handles adversity well because he is young, and that helps
you bounce back faster."

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well said Rossi, well said
Agreed +1 well said and was positive and not shit fling. He spoke very professionally thats why I like him.
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