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I was reading an older thread and found this, does anyone know how to "jump the green wires"? And if so, where are they displayed? If the bike can self-diagnose its problem, it would make fixing it a lot easier :clapper

Okay, so here's the latest development. I learned that you can jumper the little green two-wire plug under the seat next to the battery, and you get the "error codes". Mine are 8, 9, and 19. not sure if zero is included or not, but zero would be the lean angle sensor.

0 - bank angle sensor, ECM, PGM-FI fuse
1 - MAP sensor
2 - MAP sensor vacuum hoses, or sensor itself
7 - ECT sensor poorly connected or open circuit
8 - TP sensor, TP sensor wiring
9 - IAT sensor connection, or open wire
10 - Baro sensor, or connection, or wiring
11 - Vehicle speed sensor, or connection or wiring
12 - #1 injector connection, or faulty injector
13 - #2 injectior connection or faulty injector
14 - #1 connection or open/shorted circuit
15 - #2 connection or open/shorted circuit
18 - Cam pulse sensor, connection or loose sensor
19 - Ignition pulse sensor, connection or loose sensor
20 - faulty E-PROM in ECM.

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Code "zero" means either the FI lights stays lit or doesn't come out.
Also the lazy b**** seems to throw them just when the situation's really dire. I've had issues with my ECT in the past (the sensor head was corroded and feeding "bad data" to the ECU) yet I had no code of any kind. :eek:
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