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I was going to build a 996SPS engine however I have since found a complete one so I may have some parts available.

If the deal goes through on the new engine, I will have a complete engine that is in parts for sale

996sps heads complete
996sps crank, pistons
996sps gearbox etc
engine cases
twin injectors/throttle body setup
996sps ecu and complete wiring harness.
sps clutch.

I am located in Australia however I am willing to ship anywhere. Shipping is not that expensive either depending on how fast you want it.

I am happy to setup an ebay auction with the parts so you get the 'extra' ebay protection etc. (I have over 160+ positive feedback on ebay)

If you want pictures I am happy to provide them. just email me [email protected] with any questions or request and we can work out something.

Most Parts have been sitting in my garage since last year.

Price: Don't know yet. I did a partial swap for my trail bike plus cash for the engine so unsure what price to put on the gear at this stage. reasonable offers will be considered

Advertising on the bike forums i'm on first and if no interest, they will go to ebay.
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