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Engine Replacement Help Needed

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I am finally swapping out my motor for another that Rothman sold me years ago(still need that bill of sale Glenn??!!??)

Need to get a spanner socket(anyone has them for sale or loan or knows where I can source them out?) for disassembly/installation but I am asking anything or hints more experienced members would have something to add since this would be my first time.

Motor is running strong with about 130k but I found out my transmission is foul(3rd gear to be exact) I have to double shift passed 3rd to have some fun otherwise it will jumped back into neutral. If I managed to get it into 3rd and give it a hand full of throttle it jumps back into neutral. All other gear seems fine.

So luckily, I have an engine Glenn told me has low mileage. SO here I go.

I have the OEM manual and will go from there but anything extra or good to know info prior to removal would be great to know.

Such as lubing swingarm pivot and suspension linkage. Header wrap??:D

thanks in advance:rockon
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Talking about one of these?
HONDA SP SP1 SWINGARM LOCKNUT TOOL SOCKET SP2 hb - eBay (item 300475867617 end time Oct-12-10 12:43:34 PDT)
I haven't bought anything from this guy, but I'm keeping him bookmarked just in case something comes up.
I made one from an old socket for when I rebuilt my previous trackbike 636.
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