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manay here have an opinion about bikes they like to ride

or products / manufactures / retailers they buy from. WELL, Ebargain C/F people at ebay that many have decided was low grade products -

just wanted others to be aware they run under additional names on ebay\\

the ALLCARBONFIBER name is new with a slightly different layout in the ads but much is the same...including the disclaimer about use of certian products in some/many of the products they sell.....including fiberglass....and polyester resins....(the yellowing kind?). just a heads up

Oh yea....don't forget to look at the shipping costs from these guys....one add for a few C/F bits....the shipping was $29 in the 48 USA !

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I bought some cheap carbon air runners from one of their previous identities and thought I got a decent deal. Definitely not the best, but functional....fast forward about 8 months and a grand total of three remove/reinstalls later and they broke. Never again will I get cheap carbon fiber unless it's little non structural stuff like key guards, buckle guards, etc.....

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Re: (erik996)

I love how they state this :

" All items we offer are brand new and in perfect condition.
Please notify us of any damages or defects within 4 days of receiving the item.
Customer is responsible for all return postage."

now look at the pic they even provide: of the back of fender left pic down page.....of the C/F divit (somewhat minor but wait till you get yours! LOL: Could be front or anywhere with the one you get:

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