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You may have heard the rumors for the past couple of months. Anyhow, the Moto-Forza press release went out this morning: Moto Forza | Facebook Miguel will be riding the 1098R at Laguna next weekend. Come check us out and give our sponsors some support! Thanks all!

For immediate release, July 13, 2010:

Miguel Duhamel and Moto Forza – NovaTac Racing are racing for charity in the American Superbike class at Laguna Seca.

Legendary racer Miguel Duhamel, Southern California’s Ducati dealership Moto Forza and TERI (Training, Education & Research Institute) are entering the Laguna Seca round of the American Superbike series in an effort to raise public awareness for children and adults with autism.
Miguel Duhamel is returning to road racing on a Moto Forza prepared Ducati 1098R to contest the American Superbike race at Laguna Seca, held in conjunction with the MotoGP event on July 25th. The Moto Forza – NovaTac racing team is partnering with TERI, a charitable organization that provides care and support for individuals with autism, in an effort to raise awareness for this rapidly expanding disability. “We are very happy to have the opportunity to combine our passion for racing with TERI’s efforts and their openness to explore a new avenue to bring this growing disability to the public’s eye. Now to have Miguel Duhamel join us in that effort is simply phenomenal” said Renggli, owner of Moto Forza.
The Laguna Round is planned to be a onetime event for Moto Forza – NovaTac racing and Miguel Duhamel. “At this point we are only looking to do this one event. If we can secure funding, more races later this year may be possible. We will continue to work with TERI and our current sponsors to see what we can put together after Laguna.”
Moto Forza would like to thank its current sponsors who helped to make this effort possible: NovaTac, Akrapovic, STM, Catalyst Racing Composites, and TERI. Donations to TERI may be sent from their website at Home. Please choose “Moto Forza” from the drop down menu.
For more information please visit Escondido, California, Ducati, Husqvarne. motorcycle, dealer, used, parts, service, financing or call us at (760) 746-6004.

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Great to see Miguel back! I hope he kicks ass....and shows Pegram how to really ride a Duc.
I'm happy to see MD back too....
However, If you look at how he has done on Inline4s and V-FOUR's, compared to V-Twins.. His V-Twin record isn't as good.... But I hope maybe He and the DUC get along better,.. then he will kick some arse!;) :twocents

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Yeah he hasn't raced in a while, yeah he's getting older, but I think the Iron Man will surprise us. Not with a podium but top 5. Watching him race, few are as consistent as him. He hit his marks within a couple feet every lap and into turn 5 at Road America with the rear wheel 4" off the ground every time and dropping it at the exact turn in spot.

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Miguel Duhamel stats


8th AMA Superbike (season shortened by injury)


3rd AMA Superbike


1st Daytona 200 (fifth time)

1st AMA Formula Xtreme

5th AMA Superbike


1st AMA Formula Xtreme

2nd AMA Superbike


1st Daytona 200 (fourth time)

5th AMA Superbike

11th AMA U.S. Supersport


3rd AMA Superbike


3rd AMA 600 Supersport

5th AMA Superbike


5th AMA 600 Supersport

9th AMA Superbike


Daytona Double Winner: Daytona 200 (third time)

Daytona 600 Supersport

16th AMA Superbike

16th AMA 600 Supersport


10th AMA Superbike

12th AMA 600 Supersport


1st AMA 600 Supersport

2nd AMA Superbike


1st Daytona 200 (second time)

1st AMA 600 Supersport

2nd AMA Superbike


1st AMA Superbike

1st AMA 600 Supersport


1st AMA 600 Supersport

3rd AMA Superbike

FIM World Endurance Championship team member


12th 500cc Grand Prix World Championships

FIM World Endurance Championship team member


1st Daytona 200 (first time)

1st AMA 600 Supersport

3rd AMA Superbike

FIM World Endurance Championship team member


In qualifying for the New Hampshire Speedway AMA National last year
1995 Superbike Champion, Miguel Duhamel, suffered a career-threatening
compound fracture of his left leg. So serious was the injury (he
ground away exposed bone in the high speed smash) there was talk of
amputation. Duhamel is still in rehab. The gap between the damaged
femur has not yet closed. The injury is pinned. He walks with a cane.
He rides with a leg brace. He had no pre-season training - no serious
testing on the new F4 600 Honda, or the latest RC45. But Duhamel
fronted at Daytona for the opening round of the AMA National series
and was ready to race.

Yet Duhamel confounded everyone - even himself - by qualifying front
row for both races. He won the 600 (maintaining the record of being
the first rider to give each of the CBR 600's their first
international race wins). And then he won the 200 after a race-long
battle with Mat Mladin.

SP: Coming into Daytona were there times when you doubted you'd make it to
the grid?

It was never a question of whether I was going to race at
Daytona. People asked me, 'are you racing at Daytona?' I said, 'what
do you mean - of course I'm riding at Daytona. It's the first race of
the year, right and I'm going to be there.' Why would I want to start
the year two or three races into the season? Do I want to pass up
chance of the championship? The goal is to win the title. Even if the
leg had been worse I would have been riding. The way the points are I
had to be here.

SP: Miguel, how bad is the leg?

"It is really not healed yet. I've had a bone graft. It's 80% healed.
Strength wise though I'm about 20%. The problem is that I'm not able
to train. I can't put any pressure on it to rebuild the muscle. I've
tried training but it sends me into incredible pain. You train over
train - and it sets you back another three days."

SP: You are racing with a brace on the leg?

Miguel Yeah, it's so weak.

SP: We saw you massaging the right leg though?

My right leg is getting so sore because it's taking all the weight.
The muscle feels like it's been beaten with a baseball bat.

SP: How much is it affecting you on the bikes?

I get a little taster (of pain) when I'm on the bike - so I really
don't want to fall. I live with fear. If I put too much pressure it
sends a really sharp pain. I took a shower and moved the soap with my
little toe and that sent me into excruciating pain. It reminded me
that I still need to limp around. It's pretty interesting riding
around out there when you are dead scared.

SP: Did the 600 race worry you more than the Superbike - or was it the
same fear for both?

Both races worried me a bit. I was worried about guys getting too
excited and taking me out. There's guys out there who should not be
here. Guys who have never won a race - even in their garage. It's
ridiculous. There are privateers out there that are riding good. I've
nothing against that. But they (the AMA) really should tighten up on

SP: What's the '99 RC45 like to ride?

It's really good. We had an awesome setup for the 200. The bike was
really stable on the banking so that made my life easier. It's way
fast on the straight. I was pretty confident my bike had a speed
advatage over Mladin's Suzuki. I wasn't even worried about leading out
of the chicane on that final lap. The only thing we had to do all
weekend was to fit a stiffer spring to stop it bottoming out for the
race. The new RC45 is much more stable - seems to transmit the
traction to the ground a lot more. Spins less. Last year it was coming
around. We had won four races in a row. It was a good steering bike -
and it had some good qualities to it but this new bike seems a lot
more solid. The superbike is still a beast though. Almost 200bhp.
Almost 200m mph. Every year Daytona is scary. Solid tires and the bike
is sliding around. But this year is scaring me because of the injury.
I've not ridden in nine months and the first place I get to ride is
back here at Daytona.

SP: Did you have to alter your riding style on either bike?

I couldn't be as aggressive as I usually am. I had to ride a lot
smoother - and you know what, I'm still doing the lap times. You never
stop learning.

SP: You qualified front row for both races. Did that surprise you?

Certainly did. I've not been on a bike for nine months. I can't
believe it. First practice I was the fastest one out there 51.9. Then
we did an endurance test and I was still fastest. I was amazed

SP: What was your race strategy?

I tried to stay away from doing anything stupid this year. The
consequences would be too unbearable to contemplate. I didn't want to
think about it. I thought if I could stay away from trouble I could
finish top five - maybe top three. Maybe with a little luck I could
win. I tried to break clear in the 600 with a couple laps to go but
that didn't work so I had to play the draft. It was the same in the
200 - I tried to break but that didn't work but I knew the RC45 was
strong enough if it came down to a draft to the line. It was a Honda
express out there.

SP: How much were you hurting after each race?

It felt better than I thought it would. I thought I'd have more pain.
The new bikes made it a lot easier for me. There were years when I
would not have been able to do this. I'm so happy.

Caption: Duhamel said the latest spec RC45 is an absolute jet

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