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ducati supersport fairings and misc parts

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email and will send pics.

these parts are for 99 thru 2005 supersport

2 sets half fairings padding material

1 set full fairing padding material

front sprocket cover stock

3 sets of air ducts

1 set carbon fiber air vents

right stock black air diverter

front black fender great shape with reflectors

750 ss black swingarm good shape

nose fairing complete selling together good condition

right upper fairing

left upper fairing

1 set of track lower bellypan (bottom tabs are broken used aip ties to tie together)

bottom left fairing good condition

bottom right fairing exhaust melted rear of plastic a good track fairing

set of gauges tach good, speedo glass cracked, oil gauge off a track bike

when i get my fairing from strati will have another set of fairing where i smoothed over the turn signals holes, they are stock fairings. maybe in a week or so will list those. but am waiting for my new fairings. also will list more parts thru the weekend. have way too much extra stuff. need to clean out. any questions call or email me. if you live in los angeles you can pick up the parts. my phone is 310-948-91555. email is [email protected]
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Re: ducati supersport fairings and misc parts (roadrunner2u)

is it the front air ducts or rear air deflectors that you have in carbon?
Re: ducati supersport fairings and misc parts (jpuck91)

sold they were the rear.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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