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CDT CF Belly Pan: Monster "Long"
Price: $524.95
Sale: $375.00
Fits monsters up to 2008 except S4RS and 07/08 S4R. However models 2004-2008 may require trimming near the header. Includes Motowheels fit kit that includes brackets and hardware for easy install.

CF Fuel Tank: Monster 900ie '00-01

Price: $1,479.99
Sale: $950.00
Only 1 at this price

High quality lightweight Carbon fiber tank saves several pounds of weight up high where you can feel it. Made by Ducati Performance. Kevlar and aluminum reinforced in key areas for strength. Beautiful gloss finish and hidden seam lines. Completely lined in Kevlar.

BEAST-R High-Flow Air Intake Kit
Price: $349.99
Sale: $230.00

The TPO BEAST-R is and upgraded version the original TPO BEAST high-performance air intake kit for your Ducati Monster. The TPO BEAST-R air intake features custom-designed billet aluminum velocity stacks and matched K&N Air Filters. Installing this kit on your bike RAISES HORSEPOWER and SAVES WEIGHT at the same time. The BEAST-R kit improves upon the standard kit by offering larger filters and special, larger, velocity stacks.

CDT CF Seat Cover: M696-1100
Price: $257.95
Sale: $159.00

One-piece pre-preg carbon fiber Monster Seat cover for the new M696. Its quality finish makes it a stylish add-on for your motorcycle

CF Cambelt Cover: Dual Spark 1000/1100
Price: $299.95
Sale: $170.00
High quality pre-preg carbon fiber belt covers for the Ducati 1000/1100 Dual Spark motors. Fits Monster, Supersport, Multistrada, Hypermotard, Sport Classic... Polished finish

CF Side Air Vent: Monster 94-01
Price: $279.99
Sale: $150.00
Pair of pre-preg Carbon Fiber Side air vents for the Monsters- helps keep the rear cylinder cool. Simple bolt on. Made by the CM composit. Sold in pairs.

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Ducati Monster Parts

CORSE DYNAMICS Voltage Regulator Relocator


Kit relocates the voltage regulator to a location with optimal air flow allowing cooler operating temperatures for the voltage regulator. Not only does it relocate the voltage regulator but it also removes the factory crankcase breather reducing unnecessary weight and clutter. If you haven't already relocated your crank case breather you must purchase the crankcase relocater as well for complete installation of this kit.

This kit includes all necessary components for installation: (1) CNC Laser Cut bracket, (4) Stainless steel bolts, nuts, & washers, & (2) Zip ties for securing the factory wire harness.

Fits all Monster after 2000

MW Slipper Clutch: Complete Kit
Price: $1,199.95
Sale: $899.95
  • Red Anodized billet aluminum clutch drum.
  • Red or Black anodized billet aluminum pressure plate.
  • NGR billet aluminum basket.
  • Corse Dynamics Spring Kit featuring titanium clutch spring bolts, your spring keepers available in red, gold, black or grey and polished springs that use the same spring rate as OEM.
  • Surflex plates: aluminum friction plates with organic friction linings.
  • Titanium push rod pin.
  • Push rod bearing.

Surflex Slipper Clutch w/ Plates
Price: $1,350.00
Sale: $1,150.00
Complete Lightweight Slipper Clutch by Surflex helps prevent rear wheel lock up on deceleration. Lighter weight improves throttle response and reduces rotating mass. This clutch is preferred by many due to its smooth, easy clutch pull. It is also requires the least amount of maintenance. Surflex uses a patented endless screw design that does not require any maintainance. It does not use ball bearings that need constant cleaning and lubrication.

MW Folding Side Adjust Lever Brake: 999/1098/S4RS/HM/SF-Black
Price: $135.00
Sale: $125.00

MW Folding Side adjust lever Clutch: 999/1098/S4RS/HM/SF-Black
Price: $135.00
Sale: $125.00

A multi-adjustable lever with a unique aerodynamic shape, and the folding lever gives extra function to the brake and clutch lever. Fits all OEM Brembo radial master cylinders as featured on 749-999, 848-1198, Hypermotard, S4RS, M1100, Diaval, Streetfighter and some Aprilia/ Benelii with Brembo radial master cylinders. These levers (7-1/8" from pivot to end of the lever) are shorter than the OEM lever.

Carbon Fiber Fuel Cap
Price: $189.00
Sale: $120.
Motowheels pre-preg Carbon Fiber fuel cap with an anodized billet aluminum quick release keyless fuel cap. Available in CF w/ black or silver cap. Includes assembly bolts.

OBERON Billet Fuel Cap: Ducati/MV/Yamaha
Price: $109.95
Sale: $99.95
High quality billet fuel cap from Oberon. Features multiple color options, stainless steel fasteners and is lighter than the OEM fuel cap.Unique 8 bolt (90mm bolt circle) design to replace OEM fuel caps on most MV, Yamaha and Ducati that use round caps

OBERON Clutch Slave Cylinder: Ducati
Sale: $125.00
Designed to improve the performance and looks of the original Ducati cylinder. Substantially reducing the heavy clutch pull. The internal piston design, seals and breather hole have been drastically enhanced to stop leaks and leave a smoother clutch action. CNC machined from billet for lightness, strength and precision looks. The 29mm piston size is much easier to find neutral. Everything you need is included in the kit plus a conversion shaft for earlier Ducati's.
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