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Ducati 999R

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Ducati 999R
Private party selling a low-mileage 2003 Ducati 999R. The bike has 3288 miles on the clock and is well maintained. The rear swingarm of the bike has been upgraded to an ’05 swingarm and the original swingarm will be also be included. The bike also comes with 19x20 Brembo master cylinder. Asking 11,500 obo. This is well below KBB. Bike comes with OEM rear sets and clutch lever.

The following parts are available separately to the buyer, or once the bike is sold, to anyone else:
Biposto setup (subframe, seat, and fairing)
NCR titanium rearsets

I bought the bike as a lemon law buyback (due to electrical issues) in 2005. The bike was originally lemon law buybackdue to electrical issues. Ducati replaced the wiring and electricals and there have not been any issues with the bike in the time I have owned it.

Please PM me with any questions. The bike is located in San Francisco, CA

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great deal!

I have a 749R and it's perfect cept its lacking a bit of grunt
the 999R must be amazing.

This is half price to what they go for in japan...
Does it have a salvage title?
Does it have a salvage title?
No, it does not have a salvage title. However, the title does state that it is a lemon law buyback.
Price lowered to $10,750.

Will sell biposto setup and NCR rearsets separately.
i have never heard the term lemon law buy back. explain please:confused:
i have never heard the term lemon law buy back. explain please:confused:
The lemon law is a consumer protection law in California and several other states. In essence, it requires that a dealer/manufacturer has buy back a new vehicle, if they have been unable to fix an issue (or multiple issues) within a reasonable number of repair attempts.

In this case, Ducati was able to fix the problem after they purchased back the vehicle.
If a potential buyer is interested, they also can ahve a pre-purchase inspection performed by Desmoto in San Francisco who maintain all my bikes.
Good luck with your sale. It is a beautiful bike!
Im very interested. Do you still have it?
The last post says sold and that was 12 years ago. Nope. He doesn’t have it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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