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Ducati 848 Race bike for sale

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This bike began as a new street bike in 2008. I rode it for roughly 15,000 street miles and decided to make it a race bike. The bike was converted and finished in February 2010 and first tested in March of 2010 where it was promptly crashed. The crash was a simple low-side during a track day which didn't do much damage to the bike, but destroyed the riders left hand making him unable to continue his riding career. Since the crash, the bike has been re-built completely from the ground up and is in tip-top shape once again.

There are only 3 spaces of visible damage that remain; The dash display plastic has been cracked though do not effect operation, The clutch side engine cover is pitted from rocks hitting it (but not visable with fairings on) and the right side tail pipe has a small crack in the carbon fiber tip. Other then those issues, the bike is in excellent race-ready condition. The fairings were either replaced or repaired and look mint.

Again, this bike is being sold due to injury and financial strife due to the injury, not because its a bad bike. This is the best Ducati I've ever ridden and it is a shame to not keep it. Sadly my doctors say I will never be able to race again, I can't even put a pair of leather gloves on, let alone move my fingers inside the gloves.

848 Blueprinted motor w/dry clutch conversion (Carrillo racing rods, Duc Shop high-comp pistons, lightened crank/flywheel, ceramic main bearings, ported heads, etc)
DucShop Geometry Kit (30mm offset triple clamp and adjustable rear-link)
Nemesis ECU w/O2 sensor & Full auto-tune
ETI Carbon Kevlar fuel cell
Ducati Performance 6 spring slipper clutch with surflex racing plates and DP clutch cover
STM 30.5mm slave cylinder
Leo Vince 57mm Exhaust
Showa forks w/Ohlins 25mm kit installed (comes with .85 installed, comes with .90's as well for 160lb rider)
Ohlins TTX Shock and Rizoma ride-height adjuster (comes with .95 installed for 150 - 170lb rider range)
Ohlins steering dampener w/Dan Kyle bracket
Monoblock Brembo calipers w/Xrac pads (stock backup pads are included)
Galfer SS brake lines
Brembo light-weight floating rotors
Brembo 16x18 clutch master, Brembo 19x20 brake master
Motowheels fold-up levers
Ducati Performance aluminum subframe
Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit
Speedy Moto under-fairing frame sliders
Hot Bodies fairings with custom tail lock assembly
Slingshot racing rear sets (reverse shift)
AFAM 520 light-weight racing sprocket kit (14/15 ft and 39/37 rear included)
Regina X-Ring 520 chain (spare chain included)

Asking $12,000 USD for all listed above.

I have a shit-load of spares and Magnesium wheels. I'd be willing to let everything I have go for $14,000 USD, just to get out of it all.

This bike is being sold in perfect working condition and will run in that condition for a great deal longer since its a recent build.

Please e-mail me: [email protected] or send me a PM from above.

This is a USED race vehicle, not designed for or setup for street use currently. It can be converted back to street use, but I do not have the facilities to do so. The bike does have a clean, registered title in California, completely paid up, so when the sale happens it can be transferred no problem.

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thats why is pays in the end to splurge on top riding gear and not use the cheap shit.:twocents :twocents
thats why is pays in the end to splurge on top riding gear and not use the cheap shit.:twocents :twocents
I had the best stuff money could buy, thats why I had no other injury. My hand being broken was almost unrelated to the crash. A big rock was thrown in the air by my boot and it slammed into my hand at whatever speed I was going, right on the side where NO glove has protection. Eh, instant karma... I guess I wasn't ever meant to ride this bike. :(
sorry to hear of your life-changing injury, good luck in your sale.
there's a guy who does trackdays with one arm.... just food for thought
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