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CF Tank Side Guards 848/1098/1198 -Small

Sale Price: $89.99
List Price: $95.00

Pair of high quality pre-preg carbon fiber Tank Side Guards with a glossy automotive UV urethane coating applied for protection and shine. The covers protects the most vulnerable corner of the fuel tank. The carbon fiber covers can be painted to match the tank or left in its natural carbon finish.

- Fits Ducati 848, 1098, and 1198 with silicone adhesive or double sided tape

MW Billet Q/R Fuel Cap: Ducati 1098

Sale Price: $99.95
List Price: $159.95

Motowheels Billet Q/R keyless fuel cap with "1098" etched logo.

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CNC Rear Sprocket Hub Cover: 1098/1198/SF/MTS 1200

Sale Price: $127.50
List Price: $147.50

Direct bolt on rear sprocket flange. Made by CNC Racing in Italy. Available in Black and Red. Made from Billet alum.

CNC TI Wheel/Axle Nut Set: 1098/1198/SF/MTS1200

Sale Price: $189.95
List Price: $229.95

Rear wheel axle nuts titanium Grade 5 Replace the original rear axle nuts. Fits Ducati 1098/1198/SF/MTS1200/Diavel

OBERON Adjustable Lever Set 1098/999/SF/HM

Sale Price: $199.00
List Price: $240.00

Oberon Performance replacement levers are manufactured to fit and suit Ducati motorcycles. Adjustment is achieved with fingertip control in either adjuster direction. The eight adjustments are either side of position 4 similar to stock) giving adjustment up to 30mm (1 1/8) of lever travel.

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DRIVEN Front Sprocket: Testastretta/ DS 1000 14T-520

Sale Price: $18.99
List Price: $29.99

OEM style 14 tooth countershaft sprocket to fit 520 chain.
Fits all TESTASTRETTA motors:
1198/1098/848/996R/998/998S/998R/749/749S/749R/999/999S/999R/S4RS /Streetfighter/MTS1200
and 2003+ Dual Spark
1000SS/ M1000/ M1100MTS/ SC1000/PS/GT1000/HM.

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More 848-1098-1198 parts on sale

MW Folding Lever Set: 999/1098/S4RS/HM/SF-Black

Sale Price: $178.00 /brake and clutch set
List Price: $215.00

A multi-adjustable radial master cylinder lever set with a unique aerodynamic shape, and the folding lever gives extra protection to the brake and clutch lever. Fits all OEM style Brembo radial master cylinders on Ducati 749-999, 848-1198, S4RS, M1100, Hypermotard, Streetfighter and many Aprila.

Sale Price: $299.99
List Price: $499.99​

Complete with adjustable billet standard shifter, adjustable billet rear brake lever, mounting hardware and thick pre-preg BST Carbon Fiber heel guard on the left side.

Designed with adjustability in mind, these rear sets are also very lightweight. Solid footpegs help protect the bike in a lowside.
The knurled treatment on the pegs provides better grip. There is an option for purchasing a set of aluminum spacers in case you are using large diameter full exhaust systems and an option for reverse levers. Available in Black, Silver, Gold and Gunmetal finish. Gunmetal pictured.

Ducabike Rear Sets Support: 848/1098/1198

Your Price: $80.00

Adjustable Rearsets Supports can be on your original rear sets to raise and move back the original position. Kit includes every part you need for a correct installation (shift bar and screws).

CORSE Silicone Hose Kit 848-1198 Blue
CORSE Silicone Hose Kit 848-1198 Black
CORSE Silicone Hose Kit 848-1198 Red

Sale Price: $139.95
List Price: $179.95

Corse High Performance Silicone Coolant Hoses are direct replacements for the OE hoses.

Improve the reliability and appearance of the cooling system. The Corse hoses are made from excellent quality reinforced multi-layer silicone to withstand high heat and pressure. These silicone hoses will resist cracking, splitting and deterioration that is common to standard rubber hoses, and will provide many miles of reliable service.

Operating Temperature Range up to 365 Deg F

Operating Pressure Range up to 58.8 PSI

Wall Thickness Approx. 4.5mm

COX 1098-1198 Radiator, Oil & Case Guard

Sale Price: $109.20
List Price: $114.95

Protect the two most vulnerable areas on a Ducati so you don't get stranded or find your self with huge repair bills. The aluminum radiator and cooler is vulnerable from rocks and other debris kicked up from the front tire.
The case guard will protect your aluminum cases from a broken chain. Saving you thousands in repair bills should your chain hit the case and crack it.
*Oil Cooler GUARD Lower
*anodized finish

CF Buckle Guard: 848-1098-1198

Sale Price: $99.00
List Price: $109.00

High quality pre-preg carbon fiber Buckle Guard with a glossy automotive UV protectant applied for protection and shine. Design wraps around the edges for a perfect fit.
The cover makes a great cosmetic enhancement to the bike as well as providing protection to the fuel tanks from normal every day use.

OBERON Mirror Extender Kit : Ducati 1098/1198/848

Sale Price: $95.00
List Price: $105.00

2 piece kit to extend the original 1098R mirrors horizontally by 50mm (2.0") each side. This extender brings the mirror out but not up like some other designs. Drastically improves the visibility of the standard mirrors. Restores confidence back to the rider. Uses the original wiring loom so no cutting or soldering required. Easily converted back to original. 3D machined from solid engineering plastic to match the profile of the OEM mirror.

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More 848-1098-1198 Specials

CF Body Kit: 1198-848 Race

Sale Price: $1,699.00
List Price: $2,299.00

Kit includes the following:

* CF Headlight Fairing: 1098 Race with over size intake openings designed to accomodate the oversize runners.
* CF Race "Left" Side Panel: 1098 CF Race "Right" Side Panel: 1098 designed for the race nose which uses fewer attachment points

* CF Race Belly Pan: 1098

Extremely light weight and strong. Autoclave / pre- preg construction designed to with stand damage better than fiberglass, plastic or wet lay carbon construction.

Corse Dynamics Wheel Nut Socket 1098-1198-SF-MTS1200
Sale Price: $62.95
List Price: $69.95

This tool was specifically designed to work with OEM Ducati Nuts, Billet Aftermarket Nuts, or Titanium Nuts. This is the only steel tool on the market that has been made to work with all nuts on the market.

A standard socket will not fit properly on your 1098-1198-Streetfighter and MTS 1200 wheel nut. This is because the large axle nuts on the 1098-1198-Streetfighter, have a special inner taper. This tool is designedto fit perfectly and not ruin your wheel nuts. The low profile and locator built into the socket keeps the tool from slipping off the nut when tightening and possibly damaging the nut or your wheel.

The tool is coated in an impact safe black coating. Fits 1098/1198/ Multistrada 1200/ Streetfighter OEM or aftermarket wheel nuts. 1/2 inch drive.

MW Ultimate Chain Tool (1098/1198/SF)
Sale Price: $26.05
List Price: $28.95

Easy to use single sided swingarm adjustment tool for Ducati 1098.
Made of steel for long life and industrial shop use, it's long arm makes adjustment easy, with gold zinc plate to last a lifetime.
Bottle opener incorporated into the design.

NGR Billet Rearsets: Ducati 1198-1098-848

  • Manufactured in Billet 7075/T6
  • Fully adjustable
  • Unique adjustable gear & rear brake lever length
  • Supplied with 2 gear levers to works as standard or reverse shift
  • Will accept quick shifter
  • Folding footrests and folding brake and shift lever
  • Supplied with pair of heel plates in carbon fiber
  • Supplied in black with silver footrests

NGR Slipper Clutch w/ Plates

Sale Price: $899.99
List Price: $1,150.00

Includes aluminum friction plates and both large and small clutch hub nuts to fit all Ducati dry clutch. Designed to be used with the original OEM aluminum basket. An optional aluminum clutch basket is available for those with worn or steel OEM baskets.
The new patented design NGR slipper clutch has a very smooth positive feel on engagement and is easily adjustable for slip. It is highly recomended for racing because of its positive engagement under hard starts.
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