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MS Magnesium Swingarm Kit: 748-998

Sale Price: $2,995.00
List Price: $3,495.00

The Marchesini magnesium swingarm is lighter, stiffer and 19mm longer than stock, this racing swingarm provides better high speed handling, improved ride comfort and high speed stability with increased adjustability of the rear shock. A must have for the total high performance suspension!
If you are doing any track riding or if you have more the 110HP at the rear wheel the longer swingarm will make make a huge difference in stability.
Complete swingarm assembly weighs about 4 pounds less and is about 19mm longer for high speed stability. The magnesium swingarm has a painted gold finish. The kit includes two position billet suspension rocker with bearings; titanium bolts for the hub,brake pivot and lower shock, pivot bearings, hub bearings, spacer and magnesium eccentric hub with axle bearings.
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