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CF Belly Pan: 748/916/996 "SBK Style"
Sale Price: $414.00
List Price: $539.00

Shallow CF belly pan made by suppliers to DP. Does not include mounts or fittings
*Pre-preg Carbon fiber fairing underside reinforced with kevlar edges
*Catches oil
*Extremely lightweight
*Excellent fit and polished finish
*Fits 748, 916 and 996 series
*Made by CM Composites.

CF Exhaust Guard: 748-996 "SPS"
Sale Price: $79.95
List Price: $99.95

'SPS style exhaust cover' : designed for the 748,916, and 996. Mounting hole spacing is 130mm center- to-center. Fits the stock size heel guards. Made by a european supplier to race teams and a supplier to Ducati Performance. The finish is glossy and polished.

CF Swingarm Guard: 748-998
Sale Price: $59.00
List Price: $99.00

Protect that expensive swingarm with a kevlar reinforced pre preg carbon fiber cover. Made by the suppliers to DP.
The cover mounts to the holes on the top of the swingarm by sliding under the chainrub.
Polished finish

CF Tank Protector-Small: 748-998
Sale Price: $55.00
List Price: $69.00

OZ Motorbike Piega Forged Alum Wheelset: 748-998/S4R/S2R/MTS/MHE
Sale Price: $1,826.91
List Price: $2,029.90

Introducing the new OZ Motorbike Piega Forged Aluminum wheels from Italy. Using a proprietery MSicA aluminum, OZ Motorbike has created a stronger and lighter wheel equal in weight to magnesium with all the advantages and durabilty of aluminum.

Fits: 748 / 916 / 996 / 998 / Monster S4R 03-06 / Monster S2R800 05-09 / Monster S2R1000 06-09 / Multistrada 02-09 (requires 916 front rotors and speedo spacer) / MH900E

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MW License Plate Relocator: 748-996
Sale Price: $29.95
List Price: $44.95

Aluminum plate relocator bracket, mounts under tail near the front of the exhaust cans close to the rear shock.
Note: this bracket utilizes the two holes on the OEM underseat tray. Some Carbon Fiber and OEM underseat trays do not have any holes and may require drilling. Some license plates may require bending or trimming to prevent contact with tire depending on how the rear swingarm is adjusted. The plate relocator may not be legal in some states.

FRENTUBO "SS" Cylinder Head Oil Line: 748-998
Sale Price: $90.00
List Price: $120.00

Fren Tubo 748-998 Stainless Steel Cylinder Head Oil lines.
Colors Available-SS lines with Clear coating and Black fittings or SS lines with Black coating and Silver fittings.

MW Billet Sprocket Hub Cover : 748-998, HM, MTS, Monster
Sale Price: $169.99
List Price: $229.99

MW Billet Rear Sets: 748-998
Sale Price: $249.99
List Price: $349.99
black and silver finish only

MW Billet 12 Pt. Wheel Nut: 748-998, 848, MH,MS,S4RMW Billet 12 Pt. Axle Nut: 748-998,MH, 848, S4R,MTS
Sale Price: $39.00
List Price: $54.00

Small lightweight 12 point wheel and axle nuts in billet aluminum. Uses stock circlip. Weighs only .8 of a pound! Fits Ducati 748/916/996/998 models, MTS, MH900, S2R, S4R, M1100, 848, and Hypermotard.
These rear axle nuts are CNC machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum. They are structurally superior to the stock nuts at less than half the weight (and even 37% lighter than titanium nuts).
The wheel side nut replaces three pieces with one. They are easy to install, both nuts use stock retaining clips and do not require drilling or safety wire.

Corse Dynamics Wheel/Axle Nut socket: 748-998, S*R/RS, HM, 848, MH, MTS, M1100
Sale Price: $59.95
List Price: $69.95

This dual sided tool was specifically designed to work with OEM Ducati nuts, billet aftermarket nuts, Titanium Nuts, 6 point Nuts, or 12 point Nuts. This is the only steel tool on the market that has been made to work with all nuts on the market.

41mm on one side and 46mm on the other. 1/2 drive and treated so it can be used with impact wrench. Unique lowprofile design and raised center keeps the tool from slipping off the axle nut when tightening.
Dual sided nut is more effective and less expensive alternative to multiple sockets.

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TI Swingarm Pivot Kit: 748-998
Sale Price: $230.00
List Price: $280.00

Titanium Swingarm sleeve and hex head bolt in the original design. Grade 5 rolled thread and polished heads. Includes: Titanium Swingarm, Pivot, Sleeve, Bolt and Washer

MS Magnesium Swingarm Kit: 748-998
Sale Price: $2,995.00
List Price: $3,495.00

The magnesium swingarm is lighter, stiffer and 19mm longer than stock, this racing swingarm provides better high speed handling, improved ride comfort and high speed stability with increased adjustability of the rear shock. A must have for the total high performance suspension!

The magnesium swingarm has a painted gold finish over the gold chromate treatment to protect it from corrosion. The kit includes two position billet suspension rocker with bearings; titanium bolts for the hub, brake pivot and lower shock, pivot bearings, hub bearings, spacer and magnesium eccentric hub with axle bearings.

ATD "InvisiGARD" Paint-Saver Kit: Ducati 748-998
Sale Price: $44.95
List Price: $65.95
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