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Updated list 09/06/05 5:29am

All parts off a red 01 748 w/ 14,000 miles.

Mono tail w/o tail light, seat cusion and a few scratches on left side number plate- $120.00 + shipping.PENDING

Front nose piece w/ white number plate(good condition)- $150.00 + shipping.PENDING

Headlights w/ clear protective film (good condition)- $275.00 + shipping.

Headlight bucket w/ upper ears (good condition)- $50.00.PENDING

Stock mirrors (good condition)- SOLD

Left control harness(horn button, turn signal switch)- $35.00.

Tail light w/ rubber grommets and rubber stop- $40.00.PENDING

Rear Sachs shock(clean condition) - $40.00.

Clear stock windshield - $20.00. PENDING

Stock rear sets w/o heel guards- $25.00.

counter spocket cover-$10.00.

Evoluzione turnsignal intergrator (4 months old) -$25.00.PENDING

Evoluzione fender eliminator (4 months old)- $15.00.PENDING

Speedo w/ 14,000 miles, includes mechanical cable(w/o drive spacer)- $40.00.PENDING

Stock turn signals, 1 of 4 has small tear on stalk(not noticable)- $15.00.PENDING

Sebimoto carbon fiber airbox-$50.00.PENDING

Seat hinge assembly w/ pins- $40.00. PENDING

Right panel in red w/ Carbonfiber lower- $150.00

Kickstand switch- $10.00.

Seat lock w/ cable- $10.00.

DP carbonfiber right exhaust shield (for stock midpipe)- $25.00. PENDING

Stock horn- $5.00

Headlight bucket bracket w/ screws (secures bucket to steering head)-$20.00

Stock clutch cover- $20.00

Evo low temp sensor(BRAND NEW)- $30.00 PENDING

Bucci belts for pre 02 superbikes(BRAND NEW)- $20.00

Stock preasure plate- $15.00.

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ducnut748 said:
I will take the belts and stock windscreen, how do you want paid
Accepting money order or check only. email me your addy and I'll get you a total.
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