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Druken Woody Stickers for sale

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This Bud's for you Woody
stickers for sale, a pair of large 6x2 and a quarter inch $ 10.00 a pair
small 3 and a half by 1 inch $ 5.00 a pair :rockon Rock on Woody !!!!

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Are you selling the budweiser sticker also?

I never even thought about selling the whole budweiser sticker but if you want it i can get it.Sorry i don't have a more clear pics but i lost my digi cam and those are cell phone pics.
up dated pics of the woody stickers got my cam back,i have 1 pair of large left and 4 pair of small ones left.:rockonjust click my link below.
ill take a set

ill take a set of smalls.

IM sent.
I will take 2 sets of smalls.
still available?

I want a set of the small ones.

Please email me here: stan @ stanc.net
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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