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Hey guys,

I've been planning a trip down to NC to do the Tail of the Dragon. Hadn't really thought about the logistics too much, but now it's here. My plan is to leave Monday morning, trailering from Northern Virginia down. Should be about 9 hours, so i'd get there around 6pm. Might be able to get an hour or so in before dark.

Tuesday, I'd ride alllllllllll day. As long as my poor body can take the RC abuse anyway.

Wednedsay I'd need to leave early, so no riding at all.

What do you guys think? Is the Dragon worth 18 hours of driving for one day of riding?

My alternative would be to stay closer to home and get 2 full days of riding on 211/33/250. Fun roads to be sure, but not legendary :p

Opinions needed!!! thanks!
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