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Hi All, it’s the shop teacher again it is time for the new project to go to a new owner. I know this is not a Ducati but you folks have always been very interested in our projects and this a cool one also I am considering trades and I would love the kids to get the kids into some Italian roots so thats why Im posting here, also I thought you might like looking at the tz project that we should be able to complete this school year!
This is a 2005 crf450X. I got it as a leftover in a crate it was never even put together before I started this project so the bike has around 20 miles on it (I’m guestimating the dyno pulls). Anyway it is street legal and on the road right now and has a clear title in NY. You can check out the build and pictures at the following website ( it will be way easier than posting pics on the site). The project is the Tracker R/X http://niskygarage.logical.net/NiskyGarage/Home.html

I build these projects with a handful of students that build and maintain the website along with do the building and fab work in their spare time and Friday afternoons.
I fund the projects 100% out of my pocket and the donations of the kind folks in the motorcycle industry and any money I get for the project in the end I roll into the next project. And since our TZ project has gone well over what I got for our first project (the cb350) the proceeds of this project are going to finish that project.

The bike comes with all the dirt bike stuff, wheels, tires, brakes, caliper, OEM service manual, dirt fender and a ton of other things.
Now as for the bike it has the following:
2002 R cam
Custom jetting NCVS needle (as you can see from the dyno pulls it is smooth!)
CRF 450x closed course competition mods (from the service bulletin)
K&N filter
Full ti Jardain exhaust
Prof Red Beard 450 AP mod


Davie Durell helped us out with lowering the suspension. We built the spacers as per his plans and used his springs front and rear for a 200lb rider

Wheels, tires and gearing:

The hubs are Rad manufacturing and so are the nipples
The rims are sun 19” from Buchanan spoke WM5 front and WM6 rear

The tires are Maxxis DTR’s. They are soft front and med rear

Sprocket specialists rear and renthal front


Stock CRF 450X frame, subframe and swingarm powdercoated by powderTech

Applied billet triple clamps 22 deg offset in black

Renthal Fat bars 1 ¼” in mat black


You get the OEM front brake set up including oem front rotor and master cyl

You also get moto master 4 piston billet caliper

Moto master flame rotor 320mm

TRX front master Cyl

Steelbraided front brake line (Fen-pro)

The rear set up is oem

Pressure switches for the brake lights front and rear


ProCycle dualsport wiring kit

Sicass LED brush guard directionals and LED rear directionals

Sicass I/C relay (for the LED directionals)

TrailTech Vapor

Sicass LED brake light


UFO supermoto front fender (you get the oem one also)

Works Connection cfr 450r skid plate (modified to fit)


You get all the OEM stuff I have for the project including the dirt wheels and tires

Honda service manual

Oem exhaust
Oem Cam
Oem springs for the suspension (nothing was cut so It can go right back to stock height)
and anything else I can find is yours

Remember this bike was never started before this project began so everything is brand new! The only things I got used for the project are the exhaust, Skid plate, front brake set up and wiring harness. Everything else is brand new!

I would like to get $6000.00 or I may be interested in partial trades like an old Harley 45 project or old Italian or German project I would like to see the kids get some experience in something old see where our roots are from! Tell me what you have and we will go from their.

Feel free to drop me a line [email protected] or give me a call at 1-518-221-2353
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