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Posted this on Rogue and figured since it is my 1 good deed for the year I would do it here as well.

Spoke with PR at the children's hospital here in Knoxville and they are running low on toy donations this year, so we're trying to gather some funds and buy a bunch of toys. One of our local sites has got together a few hundred$, a few people from work and the wife and i bought hundred bucks worth last night as well.

This is something we decided to do on our own, because I understand personally how it sucks to be shacked up in the hospital and can only imagine it's worse for a kid.

They do provide a donation document, so if you do want to help out I can keep your gifts separate and send that form to you, not sure if it is tax deductible or not but here's a link to the sites info tax info: ( i think all 501c's are)

East Tennessee Children's Hospital | East Tennessee Children's Hospital Community Benefits

if anyone has the capability of donating, please pm me (or check the post on rogue) for my paypal address. We're taking the toys up there on Thursday afternoon ( Dec 22 ), so if you can't do it by then, please don't send anything because we're leaving town Friday morning and won't be able to make two trips - just go buy some stuff and take it to your local place
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