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So anyone know what the difference is. If a tire is made specific for a certain model bike but the dimensions are the same is it not the same tire essentially? I mean the size in all respects is the same and the compound would have to be the same or else it wouldnt be a 2CT(etc etc). Would the only difference be the carcass stiffness, and the resulting weight of the tire, or would there be any other differences?

even with any differences would you expect any change in performance? Albeit it is designed to meet a certain specification for a certain model machine but what would make it any worse or better for a different machine, considering that the generic version is used on so many different machines for replacement and not all machines are created equal but everyone may rave about performance even on such drasticly different machines?

sounds like it's just a way for the tire manuf to solidify a contract to supply a certain tire as OE for a model line and please the manufacturer imo....

debate, thanks
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