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I'm looking at a potential purchase of an RC and its a CA model but I cant remember for the life of me what the difference is between that and the 49 state bikes. If one of you fine gentlemen would please refresh my memory I would greatly appreciate it.

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I would not be surprised....

I was unfortunate enough to own a 1993 CBR900RR which was a CA model. I live in NY and the dealer was just selling anything he could to make sales. I got the bike second hand with only 400 miles on it , previous owner's friend died in an accident and I bought the bike.
Found out that the bike was different when the aftermarket header and exhaust would not fit the bike, steel emission hoses were in the way.

After this I found that my bike had,
Emission control system/rebreather to airbox to recycle exhaust gasses back into the engine intake.
modified airbox
Smaller cams
2mm Smaller carbs
different heads to accomodate emission system
charcoal canister
lots of added hoses for emission system

minus 7 horsepower, so they claimed.

I would be careful and ask what else may be different about a CA model bike.

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Cali RC's

Calif. bikes also run on "bio-diesel", have free range nagahide (sp?) seat covers, only age half as fast as 49 state bikes, come pre-equipped with green party/ Dean for pres. stickers and emit beautiful rainbows from the exhausts.....
(Yeah, I've lived here WAAAAAAAAAY too long!!!)
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