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Diesel Truck

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Hey guys I am looking for a tow rig for my stuff and cant decide on what truck to get but I know I want a diesel. If you guys have any let me know what companie you guys like.
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Why are you set on a diesel? What are you actually planning on towing? I ask because I have a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.9l a/t 2wd and it has 209,000 on it and I would drive it anywhere I wanted without thinking twice about it. If you aren't towing a huge payload it is kinda pointless to spend the money on a diesel. IMHO.
Here's my truck.

I still owe tom a pick of the other side so you can see my pipes. But it has to stop raining long enough to wash it.:banghead:banghead:banghead
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