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So I did my first track day on Oct 10th with TheTrackClub.com at Buttonwillow. A few people I knew were there and helped me keep my head above water. John Rossi, Neal, Scott, all from Monterey Powersports. I "of course" rode in the C group.

And........I loved it so much, I did another track day on Oct 15th, and Oct 16th with Keigwins at Buttonwillow.

On Monday, I just went around the track and got used to not having all the distractions that are on the street. Also, had a few problems with my bike which I thought were going to ruin my day. Fixed bike, finally got to have fun in the afternoon.
At the end of the day, I met Duc748, cool guy.

On Saturday, I saw 900CR, and borrowed a ramp to get my motorcycle out of SP2pilots' trailer. Thanks Rob, I didn't know it was you until the next day, wish I would've actually introduced myself.
They only had A and B groups, and I sorta just jumped into the B group, and was surprised to see that I wasn't getting run over. With a little coaching from SP2pilot, I was starting to run good lines, and keeping up a decent pace (for a beginner).
Sunday morning, I rode in the B+ group, and was still getting passed, but managed to get comfortable enough to pass other riders (not many), and not get lapped by my friends anymore. Sunday after lunch, I felt like crap. I planned on just taking a nap, but ended up getting out there anyway. Breathing was off, moving around the bike was off, just wasn't feeling it, like I was just before lunch. Just figured out that the meds I took made me drowsy. That's safe. :rolleyes: Did another half session with SP2pilot following with camera bike, felt like I blew every single corner, and decided to call it a day. Still had a great time, and many thanks to SP2pilot and wife, Banzai, Jim, Steve, and Sean for making it a great weekend.

And yes, I'm hooked now.

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