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It sounds like things are just starting to get interesting at Deals Gap and other NC?TN roads. Below are a few messages that a friend got from some of his friends that did the Gap this weekend. Bring Cash and track bodywork probably wouldn't hurt either as I doubt that they are real careful when they load your bike on the flatbed!

First, let me say that it was the slowest I have ever gone through Deal's
Gap. Not because of my layoff, not because of the bike, not because of the
squids (at least not directly), but because of the MAN. I should have
known it was going to be a bad trip through when I got behind a deputy
Barney as I passed Tennessee 72. I had to follow him all the way to the
beginning of Deal's Gap where he turned off into the Blount County Sheriffs
Department's Mobile Command Center ( I shit you negative.they had a huge
sign up) where there were approximately a dozen Sheriff's cruisers, two
ambulances and two flatbed tow vehicles. This was merely a portent of
things to come. As I passed the next couple of hundred yards I saw a group
of bikes approaching. I threw my hand up and received waves in
return.except from the last two bikes, who were Tennessee State
Troopers. Damn. To make a long story short, I ended up passing 8
Tennessee Troopers on bikes, 14 in cars (8 sitting and 6 patrolling) and
another 6 Blount County Sheriff's cruisers. I guess they're tired of
mopping up guts, huh?

I also discovered, from discussion with a rider who just received a ticket
for 38 mph in a 30 mph zone, with a mail-in fine of $158.00, that they were
writing tickets for anything 35 mph or greater since the Tennessee side of
the Gap is now 30 mph. The same group of riders also informed me that the
LEO's were using the flat beds to impound the bikes of any persons who
received tickets for reckless driving..a ticket they conferred upon all
souls exceeding 45 mph or who crossed the double yellow lines, among other,
more vigorous, offenses. Looks like the squids have now completely ruined
that area for all of us! (Not news.but still..Damn)

The wife and I made it to the dragon today. She rode the dragon for the
first time today on her KLR. She kept up with the hardly crowd going up,
and was only passed by 2 sports bikes on the way back down. Got to give a
lot of credit to the law enforcement for her to achieve that. They had a
command post set up at the bottom, complete with a whirly-bird, several
fire and rescue trucks, tents, and a number of police cars scattered out
along the road. 3 or 4 running radar in the 11 mile stretch.


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Re: Deals Gap/Bring Cash (marvin)

Its a damn shame, but we all knew it was a matter of time. I cancelled my trip two weeks ago due to a family emergency. Looks like I would have not spent much time there anyhow. Did you find the same thing at the Cherohala Skyway? Always liked that road better than the gap.

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Re: Deals Gap/Bring Cash (onealpha)

Actually, I wasn't there, never go to the Gap, except maybe in the Winter during the week. I've been riding these roads for 25 years and am just now seeing lots of the old familiar back roads being posted 35MPH just so's they can bust you! I guess it's inevitable! People who live on these roads get tired of bikes flying by, passing on double yellow, etc. all day long. You can't blame them! I know of one really nice road that squids frequent every Sat.&Sun. Ride up and down it all day long. I don't know if it's true or not as I never go there, but I heard that the locals put diesel fuel or oil on the road recently.

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Re: Deals Gap/Bring Cash (marvin)

I think that saying "If you wanna go fast, take it to the track" is beyond appropriate.

I been to the Gap a few times, and the amount of stupid and reckless behaviour there amazes me.

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Re: Deals Gap/Bring Cash (jbraslins)

AMEN! I don't ride there because of the law enforcement, I don't ride there because I am afraid of getting hit by some asshole running wide coming from the other direction!
The normal "meeting a pick up truck" in your lane on these NC roads is nothing compared to the Gap!

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Re: Deals Gap/Bring Cash (marvin)

I don't get over to the Gap very often, but law enforcement has always been all or nothing there. Some weekends they set up all kinds of traps, as noted above, others, there isn't a cop in sight. It's a good idea to approach slowly & ask other riders for a report.
Now, if you want steady, rediculous law enforcement, try the Parkway rangers these days. They LOVE to chase bikes.

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they did the same thing to angels crest north of LA a couple of years ago .
the squids will hopefully find the track so they can be humbled and then really learn where they should be riding fast
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