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...it's always been an honor thing amongst bikers there. But today that little ass stole some of the magic of the hill from me. I'll never leave my stuff unattended again.
This is news to me. There may be "honor" :rolleyes: amongst the bikers there, most of which you likely don't know btw, but that doesn't stop the thieves. In fact, it's not "honor", it's simply law-abiding citizens not touching other peoples stuff.

You don't leave the front door of the house open and your keys in the car so why would anyone leave keys in a bike anywhere, let alone an area where other bikers are with their own gear ready to roll? :banghead I don't even leave them in the bike/car when they are in the garage. I'm not excusing the thieves in any way but lets not make it any easier for them.

I've seen this with helmets, not bikes, people don't lock them up esp. at local bike hangouts and bike shops. But I've also heard of people losing those nice expensive helmets they shelled out for when they come out of the shop or restaurant. All it takes is 5 mins and no one looking, don't make it easy.
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