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So, I'm looking at the latest issue of Road Racing World and they've got a slick unit in there from AIM called the MyChron MXL Pista. It's a pro dash that has tach, shift indicator and gear display, oil pressure, water temp, fuel level, lap timer, and configurable inputs to allow you to monitor other parameters like suspension travel. Wow, I wonder what something like that would cost for the RC?? Ha, the RC is too damn old to get something that trick. They only build for the new Yami's, Gixxers, CBR's and Ninja's.

So, if someone wanted to pick up something to replace the factory panel and add some functionality where would they look? Are there any products available that will work on the RC? Have I just been hitting the crack pipe too hard and should I step away from the bike before I hurt myself? If you can answer any of these questions I'll listen.

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