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DAINESE "Zentex Tex" Summer Jacket

Sale Price: $179.00
List Price: $269.00

The Zentex cloth jacket is the perfect synthesis of a Dainese AWA range product: extremely technical, attractive, and above all, intelligent. All Weather Ability is a new approach developed by Dainese that consists in the providing the capability to ride motorcycles in under any weather conditions at all, especially when the heat might discourage users from getting into the saddle. The use of high-strength Piston fabric and a heavy-duty Nylon for the fretted fabric provides the Zentex jacket with ample areas that have been completely fretted with vents in the chest, back and arms without compromising elevated capacity for protection. This exploits the natural circulation of air created during riding to offer a truly unbelievable and unique combination of freshness and safety. A competitive price is the finale touch that makes the Zentex jacket irresistible for those who wish to use it as a second jacket during the warmer months.
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